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  • My Diagnosis

    What MBC is and what it means for you. Describes different types of MBC, and covers symptoms and tests.

  • My Treatment

    What to expect from MBC treatment. Contains information on treatment options, side effects and clinical trials.

  • My Emotions

    Where to find support for living with MBC. Includes specialists, self-help and patient support groups.

  • My Health

    How making practical lifestyle changes could help you feel a little better. Covers diet, exercise and complementary therapies.

  • My Relationships

    How to talk about your MBC with loved ones. Has information on communicating with partners, children, parents and friends, and a section for people on their own.

  • My Choices

    How to make plans for the future. Includes advice on financial planning, care plans, making changes at work and more.

  • Introducing Me & MBC

    A short overview of this website and how it can help, from our steering committee of women affected by breast cancer.

  • My symptoms
    My Diagnosis

    Find out how different metastases cause different symptoms and which sites metastatic breast cancer can spread to around the body.

  • Help with side effects
    My Treatment

    Treatment side effects can have a big impact. Discover which ones are most common and how to get help.

  • My support
    My Emotions

    This section covers what kinds of support may be available and how to find the right patient support group.

  • Complementary therapies
    My Health

    Learn about how complementary therapies can help, what some of the most popular types are, and how to choose the right therapist.

  • My family and friends
    My Relationships

    Telling loved ones about an MBC diagnosis can be very daunting. This section has information about telling children, parents and friends.

  • My work
    My Choices

    Find out about managing work life and responsibilities, and talking to an employer about MBC.