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Make a plan for the future

When you have metastatic breast cancer (MBC), it may mean you need to adjust your work life and responsibilities in order to get treatment and take care of your health. 

This can have an impact on your finances, and your ability to provide for your family
These problems can feel overwhelming. You are already dealing with having cancer.

Please understand that everyone feels this way. You will get through this too. 
It is important to think about all your options and know your rights at work. It is important to think about money and make a care plan early, while you still feel quite strong physically, in order to best prepare for your future.

Financial planning can include making a will and finding out about what benefits you are entitled to, or may be in the future. 
Making a care plan involves thinking about the palliative or end-of-life care that you may be entitled to in the future. You may wish to discuss all your options with loved ones before finalising your decisions.

Key points to consider about planning for the future

  • You can decide at any time (before or during treatment) whether to continue working or not, and if you want to reduce your working hours
  • In many countries, you do not have to tell your employer about your breast cancer diagnosis, but you may find it helpful 
  • Now is the time to begin making a financial plan for the future
  • Although it may be difficult, you may also find it reassuring to create a plan for the palliative or end-of-life care you would like to receive in the future.