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Financial planning and mbc
Can I get financial help if I take time off work or give up completely?

Even if you are no longer able to do your job or have to reduce your work hours, you may be entitled to disability allowance or other forms of financial assistance
This can help you continue to support yourself or your family

What type of health insurance you have will vary depending on where you live and your employment status (for example if you are self-employed or an employee). 
The Resources section of this guide is a good place to start.

Take your time before you decide to stop working or take time off work, and check any legal or financial requirements in your workplace.

Do I need to draw up a will?

Making a will can help to ensure your financial and personal assets are distributed or invested according to your wishes. It may be useful to ensure that all important documents, such as financial statements, deeds and insurance papers, are organised in a secure place where someone close to you can access them. 

Written instructions letting others know about the type of care you want if you are seriously ill are called ‘living wills’. A living will records your end-of-life care wishes in case you are no longer able to speak for yourself. 

Make sure your doctor and family have seen your living will and understand your instructions.

Sometimes people change their mind as they get older or after they become ill.

Review the decisions from time to time and make changes if your views or your health needs have changed. Be sure to discuss these changes with your oncologist.

It is important you talk to a financial advisor or lawyer for further advice on wills and other financial matters.

Do I need to make any decisions about final arrangements?

Planning for when the time comes is a choice that only you should make. It may help to have these conversations with your loved ones and to let them know your decisions about how you would want your life to be celebrated and remembered.

These are difficult conversations and it may help to have support from professionals in making these decisions.