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How do i stop breast cancer taking over my relationship?

If you have a partner, be prepared for the fact that the stress of an uncertain future can put a strain on your relationship. It can be difficult to be open with each other and share how frightened you are. You may feel your partner is not being as supportive or open as you would like. 

Remember that, just as you may sometimes feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of different emotions, your partner very likely will too. He or she may feel helpless and angry that there is nothing they can do to help you. Even the best relationships have their ups and downs, and you may not always feel the same as your partner on any given day.

Being honest with each other about how you are feeling can help you both to deal with the challenges of metastatic breast cancer.

Can I still have sex?

Sex and intimacy can still be an important part of your life if you have cancer
However, the symptoms, the side effects of therapy, and the emotional fallout of cancer can hurt your ability to feel good about your sexuality. If you find you lose your desire for sex, understand that this is not uncommon. 
Sex may become painful or uncomfortable. This does not happen to everyone.

Sexuality is also more than the physical act of sex, and it includes all the feelings and actions that come with loving and caring for someone. You may feel emotionally disconnected from your partner after your diagnosis
Your partner may have his or her own fears or barriers towards sex. For example, he or she might be worried about making the cancer worse, or hurting you.

Although it can be embarrassing to talk about at first, you may find talking can help you break down these barriers with your partner
It is not an easy topic to discuss for anybody. These are very common difficulties that people have.

It may also help to talk to your doctor or nurse, who can put you in touch with a couples’ counsellor. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to them. Your healthcare team is used to having these types of conversations and may be able to help.

What else can help you both?