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Coping with cancer on your own

This can be a particularly difficult time for people who have metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and who live alone or don’t have the support of a long-term partner. Being single shouldn’t make having cancer any harder, but you do have some different challenges and worries.


When you look at your social group, you may find that there are more people ready to help you than you realised

There are home healthcare services available for you when you need them, even for things like providing transport to your appointments
If you are concerned, find out what is available early on, so it does not weigh on your mind. 
Ask your doctor or care coordinator what your options will be.

Many women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), regardless of their life situation, find it very helpful to talk with a psycho-oncologist or counsellor


If you’re dating, you may be unsure of how and when to share the news that you have cancer with a new romantic partner. Trust yourself to be the judge of the best time to bring it up. 

Do try to give your partner a chance to deal with it – don’t assume they’ll back away from your relationship because of the cancer
Whatever their reaction, you’re not at fault for sharing the news at a ‘bad time.’ 
You may find it helps to practice what you will say with a friend before talking with your new partner.